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Cambodian Street Gangs : A Case Study of Six Crime-Guns in Stockton

"Stockton is California’s 12th largest city with a population of approximately 280,000. It consists of 56 square miles along the Interstate 5 / 99 corridors. Stockton is a multi-ethnic city and is home to a large Hispanic and Southeast Asian population. Between December 1999 and November 2003, a very productive partnership was nurtured between the Stockton Police NIBIN Lab, various Investigative Units within the Stockton Police Department and a California Department of Justice Forensic Laboratory.  IBIS Specialists at the Stockton Police NIBIN Lab worked in collaboration with Stockton Investigators and forensic experts at the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Forensic Services in Ripon, using IBIS and the NIBIN database to cultivate actionable intelligence from test fires from recovered firearms and a collection of various items of ballistics evidence. The work focused on an abhorrent series of violent crimes that were committed by Cambodian street gangs."

Read the full publication prepared by Forensic Technology in collaboration with the Stockton Police Department

The Scientific Foundations of Firearms and Tool Mark Identification, A Response to Recent Challenges

Recently, an article was published in The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review entitled “A Systemic Challenge to the Reliability and Admissibility of Firearms and Toolmark Identification."  Distinguished AFTE Member Ron Nichols has written a critical review of this article. 

Read his review and view a PowerPoint Summary. 

Shotshell Component Search

Do you want to find out who makes a shotshell with a copper slug?  Or one that uses plastic wadding?  Now you can search through over 500 shotshells for those features and more!  Pictures of the sectioned shotshell and headstamps are included.

Shotshell Component Search

Bullet Basics and Bullet Search 2006

Two new additions to feature information related to the identification bullets.  For the novice, start with the short tutorial that describes the basic shapes and materials used in the manufacture of bullets.  Be sure to take the quiz at the end!

For the more advanced, be sure to check the new Bullet Search 2006 application.  Search a database of over 1100 known bullet types with data from your "unknown" bullet.  It may help you narrow down your bullet's caliber and manufacturer.

Bullet Basics

Bullet Search 2006

School Stats on

Over 140 high schools and colleges are now using the classroom features of to teach their students the basics of comparison microscopy and forensic firearm identification.  Visit a new "stats" page to see how your school is doing or to see the "top 10" schools training future forensic firearm examiners!


School Stats on

Hi-Point Video Illustration

Click here to se the Video!If you have visited the Graphic Libraries in the Resource Area you probably have seen the Hi-Point 3D illustrations.  We have taken these illustrations and created a little movie that describes the components and operation of the Hi-Point Pistol.  Click the button on the right to view this FLASH movie!

Visit the Graphic Libraries!

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