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Firearm Owner's Manuals

A new resource for firearm examiners, students and gun enthusiasts has been added to the resource area.  Over 700 firearm manuals provided by manufacturers and other sources! 

Manuals allow you to understand both safety and functional aspects of your firearms.  Also, most will provide parts schematics in case you need a specific part to repair a firearm.

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Examiners of the World

Meet Zolzaya who works in National Center of Forensic Investigation of Ministry Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia. Zolzaya has been a firearms examiner for 10 years.

His laboratory was founded in 1954 year and employs four examiners.  The lab is located in Ulaanbaatar city.  Zolzaya writes, "Ulaanbaatar is capital city of Mongolia.  I think you know that Mongolia is situated Central Asia between Russia and China. We are examine firearms, bullets, and cartridge cases that have been found at crime scenes or seized from suspects or criminals".

If you are a firearm examiner from outside the USA and would like to say hello to the world, send your picture to and you may be the next featured...

Examiner of the World

The Valentine Day Massacre: A Study In Ammunition-Tracing


At about 10:30 A.M. on the morning of February 14th, 1929, seven men were gathered in the garage of the S.M.C. Cartage Company at 2122 North Clark Street, Chicago. Five of these were known as members of the so-called "Bugs" Moran gang; one was an automobile mechanic who worked upon the various motor cars which the "gang" used in gaining an honest livelihood, and one was an optometrist who found excitement in associating with gentlemen reported to be "tough" and in boasting of this to his friends. On this particular day, he was destined to meet with more excitement than he had bargained for.


The Manufacture of Smokeless Powders and their Forensic Analysis: A Brief Review

FIGURE 1: Image showing drawings of 6 shapes--a perforated disk, a disc, a tube, a rod, a ball, and a lamel."Smokeless powders are a class of propellants that were developed in the late 19th century to replace black powder. The term smokeless refers to the minimal residue left in the gun barrel following the use of smokeless powder. In forensic analysis, smokeless powders are often encountered as organic gunshot residue or as the explosive charge in improvised explosive devices."  


Murder in the Museum!

Investigate a mysterious crime!

Monday 9.15 am. Our director has been discovered murdered in his office. What happened and why?

Mission: Play the part of the investigator. Subject the crime scene to a thorough analysis. Enter a professional laboratory and follow the traces (objects, prints, blood stains, corpse…).


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