Feature Article, September 2002


This article is not for the faint-of-heart as it is very graphic!

If you are the least bit uneasy seeing blood, bodies, and internal body parts do not continue on to the article.

Now that I've warned you I'm sure you can't resist.  I was at first reluctant to post this feature article due to its graphic nature.  I decided it needed to be seen because this is the real world.  If you have any desire for a career in Forensic Science you will more than likely have to deal with some pretty gross evidence.  You may have to attend autopsies, visit crime scenes and you may see evidence that quite frankly will make your skin crawl. 

However, after watching the premier of CSI-Miami last night (9/23/02) this will probably be mild stuff for you.

So... don't say I didn't warn you!

To view this month's feature article click here.

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