Feature Video

Run and get the popcorn and your favorite beverage.  Sit back and get comfortable while the feature video loads in the window below.  The file is about 2.5 megabytes in size so depending on your connection speed it may take a while to load.  

The video shows an unknown individual (possible firearm examiner) firing a very large caliber rifle in an indoor range.  He really has my deepest sympathy.  I'm accepting donations to buy him a new door and shoulder!

If the plug-in above doesn't work click here to download the mpeg to your PC.

Am I ever glad I didn't have to fire this rifle!

I recently received an email from Jin Kim who wrote...

"the "feature video" you have on your website... came from www.accuratereloading.com.  Basically the rifle is chambered for the .577 Tyrannosaurus Rex.  According to their reloading data, the 13.6 pound rifle normally fires a solid 750 grain bullet at a velocity approaching 2600 fps for a muzzle energy of over 11000 foot-pounds.  This energy is comparable to that of the US military's .50 BMG cartridge frequently used as a heavy machinegun and anti-material rifle.

It is finally good to know where this came from.  Thanks Jin!  Visit the Accurate Reloading website at the link above for more interesting videos.


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