HELP: Virtual Comparison Microscope - Bullet ID

The Interface

Click on the area within the image below or the menu to access information about the individual functions of the Virtual Comparison Microscope - Bullet Identification .

Help Index

  1. Scope
  2. Unknowns
  3. Test Standards
  4. Selected
  5. Land Selector
  6. In-Phase Rotation
  7. Memory
  8. Positioning
  9. Magnify
  10. Results
  11. Keyboard Equivalents



This is where the comparisons take place. The SCOPE consists of two side-by-side viewing areas with the UNKNOWNS visible in the left field of view and the TEST STANDARDS visible in the right field of view. A hairline dividing line separates these two viewing areas. Use the POSITIONING buttons to move these images around in their respective viewing areas.




Select an UNKNOWN by clicking on one of the four bullet images. Clicking here will load the first land impression image in the left SCOPE field of view. The selected UNKNOWN shows an empty bullet holder.  UNKNOWNS matched to a STANDARD will display a "check" mark and cannot be re-selected.



Test Standards

Select a STANDARD by clicking on one of the four white boxes. Clicking a box will load the first land impression image in the right SCOPE field of view. The selected STANDARD is represented by an open box.




Displays the current UNKNOWN or STANDARD and the land image being displayed in the SCOPE.



Land Selector

Used to select the UNKNOWN or STANDARD land image currently displayed in the SCOPE.



In-Phase Rotation

Used to rotate both the UNKNOWN and STANDARD land images in unison to the next or previous land image. Useful when land images are indexed "in-phase" to determine the best-match.




Used to record the matching land images between an UNKNOWN and STANDARD. Stored images are indicated by a red light. Stored image relationships can be recalled by clicking the respective "Recall" buttons. The matches can be viewed to find the "best-match" among the six sets of images. The stored image relationships can be cleared individually by clicking on the "red" light or as a group by clicking on the "Clear All" button.





Click on the red joystick knob and drag in the direction you wish to move the land images in the left and right SCOPE fields of view. See keyboard equivalents below.

The LOCKED/UNLOCKED button when engaged allows for the movement of both the UNKNOWN and STANDARD in unison right-left or up-down.




Used to increase the land image magnification from 10X, 20X, and 30X. Current magnification is displayed in the LED window.





Used to record a match between an UNKNOWN and STANDARD. Recorded "matches" are displayed by a numerical value. Stored "matches" are indicated by a red light and can be recalled using the four "Recall Match" buttons.

Stored matches can be cleared individually by clicking on the respective red light or can be cleared as group by clicking the "Clear All" button.

The "Get Final Result" button will submit your final answers to check against the current answer group.




Keyboard Equivalents

Magnify plus 10 Move Left Bullet Left
Magnify minus 10   Clear Memory
Memory Recall 1   Move Left Bullet Right
Memory Recall 2   Call help screen
Memory Recall 3   Clear All
Memory Recall 4   Lock and Unlock Position
Memory Recall 5   Match lock
Memory Recall 6   Store Land in Memory
Recall Match 1   Move Left Bullet Down
Recall Match 2   Move Left Bullet Up
Recall Match 3   Move Right Bullet Down
Recall Match 4   Move Right Bullet Up
Get Final result when all is selected   Move Right Bullet Right
Accept message box "Caps Lock is on   Move Right Bullet Left