Case Profile- Firearm id.

This case involved a barroom shooting.  The incident went something like this:

Guy No.1- "Hey man, my quarters were up next!!   I've got the next game on that pool table!!"

Guy No. 2- "Man your crazy!  I've had my quarters up there for over an hour!"

Guy No. 1- "Oh yeah? Well not only are my quarters up next but your breath stinks too!!!"

Guy No. 2- "You son-of-a-XXXXX!!!!! I'm gunna kill you!!!"

Me- "Now guys, calm down it's only a pool game; it's only a quarter."

Guy No.1 pulls out the Llama 45 auto below and points it at Guy No. 2.

In a drunken stupor he fires a single shot at Guy No. 2, missing him and hitting me right between the eye's with this 45 AUTO, 230 grain full-metal-jacketed bullet.

At the same time the pistol ejects the 45 AUTO cartridge case below into the corner pocket of the pool table.


Guy No. 1 and Guy No. 2 run out of the bar get in a car and go home.   They tell mom they have been to the movies, hide the gun under their bunk bed and go to sleep.

Meanwhile back at the bar, a riot has ensued because the other guys with quarters on the table are really p------ off because the spent case has jammed the pool table.  Order is finally restored when county police detectives clear the table.

My cold lifeless body is taken to the Medical Examiners Office for the 9 AM autopsy.

Guy's No. 1 and 2 are later roused from bed by Detectives and the pistol, it's magazine, and four 45 AUTO cartridges are recovered from under the bed.

The pistol, magazine, live ammunition, spent case, and bullet are later submitted to the lab for analysis.

Although my ex-coworker is all but overcome with grief, he manages to set aside his personal ties to the case and conducts the required analysis in a totally professional and unbiased fashion.

First course of business is to examine the pistol, which is found to be in perfect working condition.  The pistol is test fired in the water tank and standards from the pistol are compared to the spent case from the pool table and bullet from my head.

The results of which are the match seen below.

Breech Marks: Standard from pistol (left) compared
to the spent case from the bar (right).

Bullet land impression comparison: Standard (left)
compared to "my" bullet (right).

wpe1.jpg (8921 bytes)
Bullet land impression comparison: Standard (left)
compared to "my" bullet (right).

By the way, Guy 1 "walks" when his brother testifies that I started the fight by stealing his brother's hot wings.

They really do have the best hot wings in town!!!

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